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Welcome to Jobs & Careers Advice UK. The current economic climate makes finding your ideal job a difficult process. With many companies reducing their rate of growth or even cutting back on staff, the demand for jobs often outstrips supply and any job openings that appear are usually filled quickly. Jobs & Careers Advice UK aims to help you explore employment possibilities and provide you with useful information to make finding a new job or career a little bit easier.

In the UK in particular a significant percentage of people are employed by a handful of the largest companies rather than by smaller independent businesses. We have a selection of employer profiles which have a look at some of the countries biggest employers including advice about what it is like to work for them, the typical requirements needed for job roles and guidance on the best way to successfully apply for the job openings that you are interested in.

A common theme you will find with most of the UK’s largest employers is that these days job hunting as well as the application process are done pretty much exclusively online. Although job search engines and recruitment companies certainly still have their place, the best way to find and apply for job positions with most of the bigger companies is to apply using their own careers websites. These sites typically allow you to create you a profile which is essentially your online CV, search the currently available employment vacancies and apply for your chosen jobs directly through their website.

With relatively few jobs available at the moment it is important that you stand as an ideal applicant, so rather than just copying and pasting the same details in to every employers careers website it is worth taking a little time researching the company and the specific details of the job you are applying for and tailoring you profile details accordingly. It can be pretty tedious doing this every time you make an application so the best way is to come up with a base CV for yourself and make the necessary adjustments when submitting it for different job applications.

One advantage of this shift towards everything being on the internet is that once you have gone through the initial legwork of setting up your profiles with various employers you can usually set up email alerts which keep you informed of when suitable job openings become available in your area. The process is also often a two way process. As well as you being able to search and apply for jobs, recruitment staff from these companies will be able to search for and find suitable candidates from their database and invite them to apply for positions.

It can be a tough and often somewhat deflating process when you are looking for work and trying to find your perfect job position. However the internet has made the task much easier and once you get to grips with the best way to go about applying for positions and make sure to spend the time and effort making your applications as good as they can be then you’ll find employers careers websites to be powerful tools with which you can quickly and easily apply for suitable employment positions as and when they become available. We hope you find our resources helpful and wish you good luck with the search for your ideal job!

Have a look at our employer profiles for information about finding and applying for jobs at some of the UK’s largest employers.