Asda Jobs

Asda, owned by Walmart, is one of the biggest supermarket chains in the UK with over five hundred stores across the country and nearly a hundred and fifty thousand staff employed in a range of different Asda jobs. The scope of Asda’s business operations in the retail sector means that there are a broad variety of different job positions available within the company. The majority of employees work in Asda’s supermarket branches but even there you’ll find a number of different roles to choose from.

Beyond in-store positions there are Asda jobs available in areas such as logistics, careers at Asda house (in Leeds) as well as in the companies newer areas of business such as the financial services division and Asda mobile. The company provides a high level of benefits to its colleagues and has been voted as one of the best employers in the UK several times. A job with Asda also offers a good degree of flexibility in terms of working hours – over half of its staff are employed on a part-time basis with shift patterns that fit around their life style.

Like the majority of people who are looking for a job at Asda you are most likely applying for an in-store position. Working at an Asda supermarket you will be assigned to a specific department and work as part of a smaller team within the store. Usually the three biggest teams in-store are the grocery, fresh and checkouts departments. Other commonly found departments are counters, bakery, george, home and leisure and pharmacy. Each area of the store is overseen by a department manager and below them a couple of ‘section leaders’ who together are responsible for making sure their department runs smoothly and meets its sales targets. Every door there is a store wide meeting called a ‘huddle’ where departments get together to discuss performance, sales and how to progress over the next few days.

Like the other big supermarkets, Asda has been expanding its home shopping division over the last few years, where customers order online and Asda picks and delivers their shopping. This area of the business is continuing to expand resulting in the creation of plenty of new Asda jobs in this area. The two main roles in the home shopping department are picker and delivery driver. Pickers generally work early morning shifts (when the store is quiet so as not to get in the way of in-store customers) and usually work part-time. They are responsible for accurately picking customers orders, logically substituting unavailable items and making sure fresh goods are of a good quality. As an Asda delivery driver you will of course be delivering the shopping. Varying from around seven or eight drops all the way up to thirty or so on a busy day it can be a tough job but is an interesting alternative if you’d rather not be working on the shop floor all day.

The second biggest area of Asda in terms of employee count is the distribution division. Responsible for ensuring all stores are replenished with the correct stock in timely fashion, distribution is the major ‘behind the scenes’ area of the business and might suit you if you’d prefer an Asda job that doesn’t involve dealing directly with customers. Similar to the model employed in the supermarkets, Asda distribution depots are split down in to a few separate departments with smaller teams to ensure that everything runs smoothly and also offer the same flexibility with full-time, part-time and day and night shifts available.

As mentioned before, a job at Asda offers a number of benefits. After working a probationary period your hourly pay will increase and you’ll be given a colleague discount card which gives you 10% off your shopping. You also get an annual bonus which varies depending on how many hours you work and the performance of your store but can easily be a couple of hundred pounds if you are a full-time employee. Optional benefits include a savings scheme, the opportunity to buy Walmart shares at a subsidised price and discounted health, legal and dental schemes.

Although many people think of Asda jobs as part-time positions or dead end jobs they do offer many opportunities for career progression and most Asda employers at managerial level and above actually started out in an entry level job with the company. Plenty of training and development is offered and as you progress through your career at Asda you can change departments to areas you are more interested in. The first step up the ladder is to move from a department assistant to a section leader or supervisor which offers a higher hourly rate. From there it is up to department manager at which point you will switch to an annual salary.

Asda have consigned pen and paper applications to history and like most other large retailers Asda’s job application process is now exclusively online. At the Asda jobs and careers website you can view current job openings near you, learn the specifics about each vacancy and and create a profile with your details to use when you decide to make an application. If you are successful then you will be invited to a group interview and if you pass that stage you will be given full training before starting your new job at Asda.