BHS Jobs

A range of BHS Jobs are available for those who want to join British Home Stores, a company that started in 1928 as a store selling bed linens, cutlery, crockery and lighting and has grown to become a chain of 186 department stores with 12,000 employees and a leader in the UK retail industry. More than 80 years has passed and the company is still growing at an impressive rate constantly providing a huge number of BHS jobs. If you want a career in the retail industry, applying for an available BHS job vacancy is a good option.

The retail sector is always a competitive business and British Home Stores has successfully soared ahead of others in sales because of the fast selling exclusive brands that it carries like Tammy, which focuses on girls fashion. Having good and well-known brands makes BHS a known leader in the departments store category and has resulted in a large amount of BHS jobs to employ a considerable number of employees for its marketing operations. Its departments include womens clothing, mens and boys clothing, furniture, home furnishings, restaurants, coffee shops, and many others, making it a full fledged department store chain.

The number of managerial positions needed by BHS for its operations is real proof of its hold as a leader in the department store sector of the retail business. These BHS careers offer the opportunity to take your first steps into the UK retail industry, which employs three million people and is the second largest employment sector in the UK. It is estimated that a third of the country’s domestic spending is done through retail stores. The line of products offered by BHS is so numerous that the demand for sales assistants to help customers is consistently strong and comprises the bulk of BHS jobs offered by the company. The next line of BHS jobs offered are the line managers in the different departments of the store that supervise the marketing activities and sales figures of their own departments. Employees who have amassed a few years of relevant experience may apply for managerial positions if they feel that they are qualified for such BHS careers.

The Human Resources department of this chain of stores is one of the busiest in the industry because of their huge manpower requirement. They continuously publish jobs vacancies on the BHS careers website and utilize other recruitment companies to advertise their manpower needs. They even provide suggestions and tips on how to fill in application forms and what to include in their applications for employment, making it easy to apply for BHS jobs. The internet plays a vital role in the processing of employment applications as they are done online and it will take only a few days for the results of the interviews and the company’s action on the application to be relayed to the applicant. As a result vacant BHS job positions are quickly filled and deficiencies in some applications for employment are easily corrected.

Those who hold BHS jobs are assured of stable employment and are given the opportunity to grow in their career in the retail industry. The marketing approach of the company of complete service for their customers is paying off and the techniques used by the company in its marketing campaign are learned by the current BHS employees who will soon become managers and teach the next generation of job seekers who will apply for BHS jobs. For the company, this is a healthy development since there will be a continuous implementation of their tradition of great customer service in the department store business.