Lidl Jobs

The Lidl supermarket chain is a relative newcomer to the UK retail sector and whilst it’s currently still quite small in terms of market share it is enjoying a rapid rate of growth thanks to its focus of low cost ‘no frills’ products. The ongoing expansion and creation of new stores means new Lidl jobs are becoming available all the time. In fact Lidl already has in excess of five hundred stores across the country with tens of thousands people already employed in Lidl jobs.

The majority of the Lidl workforce are employed in customer facing, shop floor jobs such as store assistants, supervisors and store managers. Lidl stores are generally a bit smaller than typical UK supermarkets and as such not often broken down into various instore departments – therefore Lidl job positions are usually more general roles within the store. Lidl look for employees with talent, drive and ambition who are searching for a long term career and want to improve their own skills and potential.

Lidl have their own employee philosophy which affects everyone with Lidl jobs. Some of the key points of the philosophy are – that the company puts internal candidates first when it comes to promotions and career opportunities which increases the chances of rising the ranks from an entry level position, training and personal development of employees are an important element, and that renumeration (i.e. pay, bonuses) for each employee accurately reflects their role within the company and their commitment to the job.

Lets take a look at a Lidl job that makes up the largest number of employees within the company and is thus one of the most popular positions to apply for – store assistant. As a Lidl store assistant you will have a variety of different responsibilities which require a number of key skills. These skills include being able to provide enthusiastic and friendly customer service and the ability to work well as part of the small team within each store.

If you possess these skills then you stand in good stead when applying for Lidl jobs as a store assistant. The responsibilities of this position are quite wide and cover almost every aspect of the stores operation including receiving and unloading deliveries, stock replenishment, working on the checkouts and helping customers with their needs and queries. This kind of variety actually makes the job more interesting and allows you to develop your skills and experience in a number of different areas.

Lidl are a budget supermarket which focus on giving customers the lowest price possible. This has created the misconception that Lidl jobs pay the bare minimum. Actually the opposite is true. Lidl jobs offer a very competitive rate of pay which is considerably higher than many of its bigger rivals who market themselves as ‘upmarket’. This along with the top notch training and support you are offered make a Lidl job very attractive especially if you are looking for long term career prospects. With new Lidl stores constantly opening there are lots of new positions at supervisor and manager level being created and as Lidl prefer to offer these promotions internally (to existing employees) there are real opportunities to make a move into retail management.

So for those in the know, Lidl jobs are some of the best going in the grocery retail sector. As a result job openings are filled quickly so you have to be fast of the mark when making your application. The easiest way to apply is via the Lidl website which has its own jobs and careers section. Here you can learn more about the different roles available as well as searching for current Lidl job vacancies. You can also make you job application directly online, by filling in online form and attaching your CV, making applying for Lidl jobs quick and easy.