Morrisons Jobs

Morrisons (or Wm Morrison Supermarkets to give its full name) is the fourth biggest supermarket chain in the UK with over four hundred stores employing in excess of one hundred thousand people.

Traditionally regarded as a ‘Northern’ brand, Morrisons has been expanding steadily over the past decade and now has a more even spread of outlets around the country. Although Morrisons is the smallest of the ‘big four’ supermarket chains the retailer has enjoyed a solid rate of growth and with new stores opening all the time there is a good supply of various Morrisons jobs available.

Obviously the majority of Morrisons jobs are in-store positions and if you don’t have previous experience in retail then a basic store role is the best starting point if you are looking for work with the company. With such a large number of stores located all around the UK it’s probably quite likely that there is a branch near you. Morrisons jobs at each store are broken down by departments such as check outs, bakery, butchers, grocery, etc. So if you are considering applying for a job at Morrisons then it is worth taking some time to consider which area of the store would be most suited to you.

As you might expect the core skill that is required from employees working at Morrisons is that of excellent customer service along with the ability to work well as part of a smaller departmental team in-store. Morrisons unique selling point, which it uses to separate itself from its competitors is its focus on fresh produce – mimicking a traditional British high street with its own in-store bakery, butcher, deli, fishmonger and fresh fruit and veg section. This creates more specialised Morrisons job positions within each department where previous experience is helpful when applying, although often full training is provided if you want to get involved in a particular area.

Like any other major retailer, logistics and distribution are a vital part of Morrisons operations and keep the shelves well stocked day in, day out. There are several major supply depots located around the country so if you are looking for Morrisons jobs which are not based in-store then a job in logistics as a warehouse operative might suit you better. Although Morrisons stocks all the familiar brand names, the company also manufactures a lot of its own produce rather than outsourcing to a third party. In fact Morrisons is the fifth largest food manufacturer in the UK and there are thousands of jobs in this sector of the business as well.

Morrisons head office is based in Bradford and offers a diverse range of corporate career opportunities. Areas of business at the headquarters include finance, IT, marketing, merchandising, personnel and training, security and supply chain operations – so pretty much every top level aspect of the business. If you have previous experience in a related field then it is certainly worth looking in to Morrisons careers at head office. Other routes into this kind of employment include graduate schemes and rising through the ranks from an in-store Morrisons job.

The pay and benefits offered by Morrisons jobs are typical of the retail industry and in-line with those provided by the companies competitors. The hourly rate of pay is competitive, employees are given a discount of ten percent and the amount of paid holiday can be anything up to four weeks per year. Other benefits include a profit sharing scheme (i.e. an annual bonus), long service awards and pension options.

If you want to make an application for a job at Morrisons then the best starting point is Morrisons own jobs and careers website where you can get detailed information about various different jobs and also view current job vacancies with the company. The initial steps of the application process itself vary somewhat depending on the position. If you are looking to apply for an in-store position then you can print off an application form which you can fill out and hand in at your store. For brand new Morrisons stores you’ll need to attend a local recruitment event for the relevant form. For out of store Morrisons jobs and more specialised career roles you can often apply directly online.

You can view current vacancies and download an application form here.