Primark Jobs

Primark are a popular high street clothes retailer focusing on the budget end of the market. There are in excess of thirty thousand employees working Primark jobs in one of the companies two hundred plus stores. The cost effective approach towards its goods has made Primark increasingly popular amongst shoppers in recent years which means the brand has enjoyed growing profits and steady expansion which ensures the long term creation and stability of Primark jobs and careers.

Like its peers in fashion retail, Primark jobs offer a variety of different employment roles ranging from part time store jobs through to careers in retail management. Regardless of your current qualifications and work experience Primark’s dedication to training and development means you can be certain that working with the company can provide you with the skills and opportunities to further your career.

Of course with so many shops around the country it makes sense that the majority of Primark jobs are to be found in-store. The most commonly applied for role is that of store assistant which is a great entry level position and is worth applying for even if you don’t possess prior experience of working in retail. The responsibilities of this position are what you might expect – helping customers with their queries, stock replenishment and working on the check outs. Great customer service skills are a must and since a Primark store can be become quite a hectic place (especially during a sale) it is important that staff members can work well as part of a team to ensure store operations run smoothly whilst maintaining a good level of service.

The flexibility offered by a Primark store job makes it attractive if you are looking for part-time employment or have responsibilities in your life which mean that you can’t always work typical nine-till-five shifts. Other advantages of these kind of jobs include a reasonable hourly rate of pay (which is more than you’d expect from a budget retailer) and a decent amount of paid holiday. Primark differs from many other clothes retailers in that it does not offer a colleague discount although to be honest the prices at Primark are so low that it’s not too much of an issue!

Whilst many people are happy to remain in a standard in-store Primark job, others are looking to forward their careers and work their way up the ladder. Primark empowers you to do this through its comprehensive training and development programs. Whilst these schemes are available to all employees Primark believes in self development, so if you are interested in developing yourself within the company then you are expected to actively seek assistance (i.e. don’t ask, don’t get). If you are driven and passionate then you will receive everything you need including NVQ programmes in areas such as management and administration.

Primark jobs are split three key career paths with the company – retail management, retail store sales and head office positions. We’ve already had a look at retail store sales above. Primarks retail management training programme is available to people with previous experience in retail (working in a Primark store can count towards this) and basic qualifications (GCSEs in Maths and English). This training is a fantastic way to fast track yourself into retail management and strengthen your skills and abilities. Primark head office jobs are based in Dublin and Reading and offer positions in a number of different areas such as buying and merchandising, marketing, human resources and IT.

The recruitment section of Primark’s own website is the sensible next stop if you are interested in applying for Primark jobs. Here you can find job descriptions and further details about the training programmes available. The site has more of a focus on management and head office careers rather than entry level positions although there is some information available about these kind of jobs. You can also search and apply for Primark job openings directly online, rather than having to go down to your local store for an application form.