Sainsburys Jobs

As one of the UK’s ‘big four’ supermarket chains, Sainsburys is undoubtedly one of the countries biggest retailers. With almost a thousand stores the company employs around one hundred and fifty thousand people in a range of different Sainsburys jobs. Still growing, Sainsburys is continuing to expand both in its traditional supermarket retail environment as well as in new sectors such as convenience stores and banking. This sustained growth means that there are constantly new Sainsburys jobs becoming available in a broad variety of different roles.

Of course the majority of jobs at Sainsburys are still based in the supermarkets. As well as the typical employment openings you would expect to find, there is still plenty of diversity to be found in the different positions available in-store. From a job as a general Sainsburys store assistant through to more specialised roles such as a counter assistant, in the pharmacy, in the warehouse, or as part of the administration team to name just a few, there is plenty to choose from. Although many of these jobs are entry level positions there is ample opportunity to climb the career ladder thanks to comprehensive in-store training and development schemes.

In fact many of the people who have a Sainsburys job in a managerial role started out in an entry level position as a store assistant – as long as you have the drive and determination you can be sure that the company will be able to provide you with a rewarding and fulfilling career. If you have previous experience in retail (suitable qualifications help as well of course) then you can apply directly for supervisory or managerial roles, or even for corporate positions at Sainsburys Head Quarters. So regardless of the state of your CV you can be sure that there is a suitable Sainsburys job position out there for you.

Sainsburys, just like its competitors in retail, offer a variety of benefits and perks to its employees. One of the main advantages of a job in this environment is the flexibility it offers, so it can fit around your lifestyle. Whether your looking for full time work or a part time position, regular nine-to-five hours or late shifts, there are lots of options to help cater to your needs. Although your Sainsburys job will typically start out in the general role of store assistant, once you’ve found your feet and proven yourself you will often be given the opportunity to change departments so you can find the position that you enjoy the most and are best suited too.

Sainsburys also offer a colleague discount card which is issued after you have been an employee for six months which can prove very handy in cutting your shopping bills down to size. Other benefits offered by the company include a share buying plan, which allows you to invest some of your pre-tax salary in Sainsburys shares and a fixed term savings plan. An annual bonus is paid out to every one with a Sainsburys job each year. The amount you get varies depending on how many hours you work and how well your store meets performance targets but they can be worth quite a lot for some people and it’s definitely a pleasant surprise when it arrives on your pay slip!

One area of retail which has seen rapid growth over the past few years is internet shopping. As far as supermarkets are concerned this has translated into the home delivery service in which Sainsburys along with its rivals have taken to the streets to try and grab more market share. This expansion of home shopping has also created plenty of new Sainsburys jobs so if you fancy something a little different from standard in-store work then perhaps a job as a Sainsburys delivery driver or personal shopper might appeal to you.

The best way to find and apply for Sainsburys jobs is on the internet. Like many other companies Sainsburys now has a dedicated careers section on its website which makes the whole job application process a lot easier and quicker. On the careers site you can find out more details about specific employment roles as well as searching currently available Sainsburys jobs vacancies online in your area. In fact paper application forms have been phased out and internet applications are now the only way to apply. So whatever you are searching for as your next career step you can be assured that Sainsburys jobs can offer something ideal for you.