Tesco Jobs

Tesco is the largest supermarket chain in the UK with nearly three thousand stores across the country employing hundreds of thousands of people is a range of Tesco jobs. The company is also a major player overseas and is, by profit, the second largest retailer in the world beaten only by Walmart.

Like its competitors in this market the retail giant has remained profitable throughout recent economic difficulties and along with regularly creating new job positions, existing Tesco employees enjoy long term job security and good career prospects.

As well as its well known supermarket stores which continue to grow and supply the bulk of Tesco jobs, the company is continually expanding into new areas of business including the now fairly well established Tesco Express convenience stores, internet shopping through Tesco Direct, Tesco Mobile and Tesco bank which provides a variety of financial services. This broad range of business ventures combined with a steady rate of growth means that Tesco can provide an increasingly wide variety of different jobs and careers.

As you’d imagine a large number of Tesco employees have jobs in one of the many supermarket branches located across the country. The majority of these jobs are entry level positions which pay a reasonable hourly rate and offer flexible working hours. There are plenty of different roles within a Tesco store from working as a checkout assistant to more specific jobs in one the various departments such as the bakery or pharmacy. Tesco is also the market leader in online grocery shopping and most stores have a home shopping department which offers up jobs such as picker (personal shopper) and delivery driver if you prefer to be out and about when working rather than staying in the store all day.

If you haven’t worked before then working in a Tesco supermarket is an ideal first job and usually no previous experience is required, although if you have worked in retail before that can certainly help your application for a job at Tesco. As you’d expect most in-store jobs are customer facing roles so good customer service skills are a must and you’ll generally be working within a department in the branch so the ability to work as part of a team is also important. Even entry level Tesco jobs provide very promising career potential. The company views employee development and training as a priority and there are very real promotion prospects if you can demonstrate the necessary skills and dedication to the job.

A vital element of Tesco stores which often gets forgotten about is the distribution and logistics division which ensures the supermarket shelves remained stocked 24/7 and in themselves provide a considerable number of Tesco jobs. There are over twenty regional depots located around the country. The main task as a distribution team member is to quickly and accurately pick and load stock for each stores order. In the main a job in distribution offers the same benefits and career prospects as an in-store position. No previous experience is required as long as you are a hard worker with a good attitude, the rate of pay is competitive and if you are looking towards a promotion to managerial level you can be sure the necessary training and support will be available to you.

As mentioned above, these days Tesco provides a lot more than just groceries and as a result there are job opportunities in a diverse selection of other areas. Tesco Direct is the companies internet shopping division with non grocery goods such as furniture and electricals which are picked and delivered directly from distribution depots. Tesco mobile (a joint venture with 02) is used by over two million customers in the UK and provides many call-centre and customer service jobs. Tesco Bank has developed into a major financial services provider and similarly has many employment openings which primarily focused on customer service provision. These are just a few of the possibilities. You can be sure that whatever kind of employment you are looking for, Tesco jobs can probably provide it.

As with so many of its competitors, Tesco has its own dedicated careers website which provides in detail information and application requirement for each specific job role and is also useful for helping you find the perfect job position to match your experience and skill set. Unlike similar large companies, applying for positions is still handled the old fashioned way with a paper application form. For Tesco supermarket jobs you’ll need to pop down to your local branch and ask for a form. Similarly for distribution jobs give your closest depot a ring for a Tesco jobs application form to find out what vacancies are currently available.

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